About Us

About Us

The company was formed by my great grandfather in 1925, at Lohar chawl. With his great vision and ideas, he became a manufacturer of stoves and petromax under the brand name of ‘Victor’ which was a hit all over India and other countries as well.

Soon, the new generation took over and the age of electricity came in, lanterns slowly became a thing of the past. Hence, my ** father and his brothers took over the ship and became retailers, suppliers and distributors.

I myself joined in 1997 as a retailer, having the opportunity to learn about the trade business under the supervision and mentoring of my father and uncle.
Later, in April of 2002 things took a turn ;

The day I became a father, I was dealt with an adversity that would change my line of business forever and make me what I am today. We gradually but steadily took over supplies and distribution networks of well known and reputed companies.

Counting back the years, you have given us a big part of your support which has made us strive through the hard times. We certainly wouldn’t’ve been here today.

The Star Incandescent Light Co. Wouldn’t’ve reached the heights that we have today.